Thursday, January 22, 2009

The fine line

I often feel that a person who manages should know what happens technically. When we work along with the team which is slightly big we cannot expect team to know everything. In case they are stuck in their work we need to help them out of this problem, but some may argue that we are not supposed to do this at our levels. To guide them we need to know what is happening technically. It's patience and guidance that is needed as a true leader. The team should be made flexible to adapt to needs of the project.

There is a fine line. We should be aware of when we should go in detail and when we should not. For this our fundementals should be strong. It is basically management by conciousness. It is easy to delegate things to the next level but it is better to do it ourselves first for sometime and then delegate. People should learn to make the team understand on how to do it rather than just directing.

More fine line to come .......