Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Fire from with in

This is one of the most important things that I felt we need in our life. Every time I visit a forum I see things, like "I don't know what I am doing wrong, I want to apply to... I did that, I did this, I am starting to lose hope... The problem is that I keep missing when I practice! It seems that I am not improving at all, I am devastated... I am sick and tried of logging in to the forum, I'm finding it very discouraging because I have posted a few threads asking for help & advice, and I don't believe I've gotten any helpful responses. I could look at a problem all day and still never figure it out ... "

Well, to be honest I appreciate the deep concerns of these people as they honestly speak out their struggle and ask for help but, the problem is that if they do not get any reply it increases their frustrations multiplefolds. The major problem here is the disturbed mind which is completely set in thinking that we will miss out. The pressure that it takes eventually brings out the negative thought. Enjoying our work is missing as well. Basically, these forums people normally jump to, has millions of people who dedicate themselves to various things. For E.g.: GMAT or a GRE or any other forum will have people who religiously follow the appropriate steps and study. The Single mindedness. Therefore, it is normal that these people come out with very high scores or something new. The dedication and passion in what they do is very high. This has a negative impact on others. Ideally, it should not affect us but should actually bring out the fire from within. Have to sting with Venom instead of getting tired of seeing these people. These guys should motivate us and bring out the best. Well, the point is, with so many people dedicated, we have no option but to give our best. Becoming more aggressive in attacking the problem should come instantly, without losing hope, enjoyment and smile. It is better to take the problem at hand, relax, sit and find out the solution. Nothing will change by making noise about the problem. The truth is only hidden. If we don't get it the first time, well, learn from it and try again until a point where we feel it is worthwhile. Even the greatest of the inventors has not got any thing without trying 100 times, be it a common issue or an invention. If we do not get it at all, then it is said that something better is expected .... We are on the right path for a great discovery ....

We can compare with some of the great teams or great individuals who had fought early problems and come out successfully. If an Australian team loses a match, we can be sure that their aggression will be double in their next match with "Win at any cause" attitude. Lance Armstrong, a great example of how he came back after being diagnosed with cancer. Life always has problems, accept it and move on with a smile finding solution. Once we start finding solutions it forms a pattern which, eventually becomes the solution to most of our problems, unless we get a new one based on a new situation. The problem can persist for sometime, we just need patience. Some of the problems cannot be solved over night. The role of the parents is also crucial in upbringing of the child in this case. They have to assist the child to find a practical solution with every issue, he/she has. Put them in a cauldron with problems and ask them to come out of it as a simulation. In this fast world, we find every parent work like hell with little time for their child, which is in a way good, but they miss the opportunity to find out what their child is doing wrong. No wonder we have so many victims of life's pressure at a very young age. Seeing small kids committing suicide just because their school master had beaten them really irritates me more than the irritation I had when I really got the beatings. If suicide is the solution for these, then I should have hung myself 100 times in my life .. :-))

People just need to strongly consider these lines when they work on anything:

I knew I had one chance to do this. I didn't want to look at a job done okay, and say that I could have done better ....

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