Friday, November 04, 2005

Bloggers Blog

One of the most interesting and fascinating things that has happened in the current Internet world is what people call it "a blog". Term formed from "Web log", not to be confused with server log files for web log but has more to it than the name "blog" suggests. Anyway, I will not get in too technical on blogs .... as it could be boring for some people. Now then, blogs and the writings were started even before the term blog was formed. People used to write and publish a lot in earlier days, when publishing was a difficult task and not like in today's world, what we call Just click the "PubliSh" button after finishing your writing to publish" :-). Obviously, the hard work that was done in those days on these things had made it easy for us to publish whatever we write. Well, there might be some group who wish something easier than clicking a button, but i.Am sure even that is quite possible in this fast world. Now, what is this blog and how can it be used? A blog is often a mixture of what is in a persons mind, heart and happenings in his/her life, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there are people. Something similar to what people used to do earlier with the diary. Just take a dairy and write whatever you feel like. Now with these thoughts information is huge, coming out pouring from a persons heart and mind based on their own experience and various other factors. All blogs have thoughts of various persons from varied industries. Be it sports or arts or technical or any other. This does not restrict to any kind, creed or religion. This weblog is unique in that it is normally original thoughts without any interference. No one can change what he/she writes with respect to content or number of words or the tone. It is up to the writer to use it with maximum productivity and minimum problem for those who are reading it. It gives a sense or relaxation for the writer and something different from what they do in normal life. Relax, but keep your brains engaged in something good. You don't need to be a professional or a great writer to give your thoughts. The main aim is not to impress but to inform. Now in a different idea, the same can be used in a better way by each and everyone, if he/she writes down the mile stones and achievements and keep track of it every now and then. Yearly option depends on his/her thoughts and sometimes might not be a good option since a year is too long in this fast world. With links and personal thoughts on what he/she wants to achieve. It will give a clear indication on what they are and want to achieve, if they really want to be counted in this world. A different entry is maintained based on the inputs or experiences of bloggers, which has useful things, this can be used in a better way.

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